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       Sometime when you got a great product and need some non-standard cable solution, we can help to design, consult to production. We have helped numerous companies in doing just that. So write to us.
    If you have any picture /drawing / connectors information, please sent it to us as well. It will help to understand your need quickly.
       Please include your contact information to get back to you.
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       If you would like to mail /fax to us, here are the details: 
       Mailing Address 
       ATT: Unit L, 11/F Yue Cheung Centre 1-3 Wong Chuk Yeung Street Shatin,New Territories Hong Kong       Fax: +852 27587355

Hot Line

Tel: +86-769-87686700(30LINE)

Fax: +86-769-87685858

Email: sales@datafield-hk.com

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